Library Careers & Snowstorms

Snowstorms are unpredictable

Snowstorms do not live on a time table and can be very inconvenient

Can a snowstorm metaphorically describe one’s library career? In recent years, studies have been conducted to focus on the trends in library careers. Snowstorms, like library careers are unpredictable, challenging, but can also be exciting. While stuck in my car, I decided to jot down some notes for this blog. The following written passage is my personal journey of being stuck in the unexpected snowstorm during rush hour traffic.

Yesterday was my 3rd day at my new job and it was awesome. The training has been invaluable and I have already received an email from a lender complimenting my work performance. While working yesterday afternoon, DC gov’t employees received a Winter advisory email allowing for early dismissal to get home safely. I was sad to leave the office at 3pm, but as a Maryland commuter seeing the 100+ people ahead of me awaiting to board the train made me feel somewhat relieved to beat rush hour nightmare. I made it safely to my commuter parking lot and I was greeted by the sound of falling hail. I was on the highway 5 miles from home when my driver-side windshield wiper blade broke. Needless to say, I was one of those car owners who abandoned their car to seek safety. I will save the details of all the time spent calling the insurance company, calling my family/friends, and hiking a 1 mile trek to seek shelter.

So what do snowstorms and library careers have in common? Well— nothing really. From a librarian stand point, this snowstorm was a ‘teachable moment’ for me. I wonder how many others who were stranded or left their cars knew what to do? If I had the opportunity, I would organize a program or even call my local library and suggest that they create a program to educate the community on how to prepare with unexpected snowstorms. As a transplant from Atlanta, Georgia — I was not prepared to deal with navigating through the nasty weather.

Readers, how would you handle this? Do you know who to call if you were in my situation? Would you abandon your car? Do you know who to call to recover your car? Stay tuned for additional information on staying prepared for inclement weather.

Additional References & Readings

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A New Year and Its Meaning(s)

In the Spirit of the new year…I was inspired to write my own piece to have it cemented in electronic history thanks to a fellow Blogger named Will . I found it very interesting that he encourages reconciliations as well as resolutions to start the new year. I have never been big on making resolutions because I found the things that I sought out to quit or change never really held up. So for using the word resolutions, I run to my thesaurus toolkit and chose to use the word goals. Goals are defined as measurable steps to achieving a REASONABLE short-term/long-term goals.

My Three Goals:

  1. Developing a writing voice
  2. Attend a library conference
  3. Read three books


Developing a writing voice is something that I have struggled with recently. I do not have an issue writing about non-professional topics, but for some reason writing professionally makes me uncomfortable. Perhaps I am suffering from the post-student syndrome….the fear that my readers know more than me. ACTION: currently working on a book review this month. Continue blogging- *hopeful* with practice it will cure the writers’ anxiety.


I have had the pleasure of attending the last two American Library Association (ALA) Mid-winters. Both times were excellent and I was a part of two wonderful leadership institutes. I met some wonderful people and want to continue to contribute/stay relevant in the library world. I am working towards securing a full-time library position this year. My interest include strategic succession planning for libraries, library residency programs, and technical services in libraries. ACTION: ACRL and SLA are some possible conferences.


As silly as this sound, I have not been able to read for pleasure as often as I have in the past. This holiday was filled with visiting family as all of mine are out of state. I have several that I am looking at reading in the future. I hope to feature my thoughts about these selections on this blog. One suggestion that I have given myself is to find something that I will enjoy reading. I know this sounds silly, but I am a loyal reader that hates to start reading a book and not finish. This time around…I am giving myself permission to abandon ship if the book has me asleep by the 3nd chapter. ACTION: Select, read, and share my thoughts about one book (every other month).

Have a great year folks.