A New Year and Its Meaning(s)

In the Spirit of the new year…I was inspired to write my own piece to have it cemented in electronic history thanks to a fellow Blogger named Will . I found it very interesting that he encourages reconciliations as well as resolutions to start the new year. I have never been big on making resolutions because I found the things that I sought out to quit or change never really held up. So for using the word resolutions, I run to my thesaurus toolkit and chose to use the word goals. Goals are defined as measurable steps to achieving a REASONABLE short-term/long-term goals.

My Three Goals:

  1. Developing a writing voice
  2. Attend a library conference
  3. Read three books


Developing a writing voice is something that I have struggled with recently. I do not have an issue writing about non-professional topics, but for some reason writing professionally makes me uncomfortable. Perhaps I am suffering from the post-student syndrome….the fear that my readers know more than me. ACTION: currently working on a book review this month. Continue blogging- *hopeful* with practice it will cure the writers’ anxiety.


I have had the pleasure of attending the last two American Library Association (ALA) Mid-winters. Both times were excellent and I was a part of two wonderful leadership institutes. I met some wonderful people and want to continue to contribute/stay relevant in the library world. I am working towards securing a full-time library position this year. My interest include strategic succession planning for libraries, library residency programs, and technical services in libraries. ACTION: ACRL and SLA are some possible conferences.


As silly as this sound, I have not been able to read for pleasure as often as I have in the past. This holiday was filled with visiting family as all of mine are out of state. I have several that I am looking at reading in the future. I hope to feature my thoughts about these selections on this blog. One suggestion that I have given myself is to find something that I will enjoy reading. I know this sounds silly, but I am a loyal reader that hates to start reading a book and not finish. This time around…I am giving myself permission to abandon ship if the book has me asleep by the 3nd chapter. ACTION: Select, read, and share my thoughts about one book (every other month).

Have a great year folks.

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