Thing 3: Variegated Stacks

Variegated Stacks

My apologies CPD23 followers, I guess I am beside myself on this post. After reading several posts, I decided to scratch my first submission. Did I mention, how uncomfortable blogging makes me feel? *five seconds rant over*

A special thanks to Miss Scarlett for recalling to my memory the definition of branding. If you look on her blog, what images stand out to you? What can you gather from this website? Is there enough white-space/images? How rich is the content? Is the style of writing leaving the reader to ponder? Okay, I’ll quit with the questions and use Thing 3 as a litmus test to evaluate my personal blog.

Name Used-  My nickname is Ge Ge, because my *government* name has a unique spelling. It is the capital of Switzerland *kudos for any one who knows it*.  The story of my name is for another conversation. So, I find that my nickname is easier for people to remember and a funny conversation piece when meeting new people. In my professional circle, I use my *government* name because it seems more fitting. Variegated Stacks is the name I chose because I love colorful socks and have a board range of books at the house.

Photos- I just started using photos in my recent blog posts because a picture is worth 1000 words and who can resist a colorful picture? The photo in this blog post is composed of all the words used in my blog since Oct 2010.

Professional/Personal Identity– I love Miss Scarlet’s twist to the *Profersonal* angle. I prefer keeping my professional and personal identity separate. I think very few people have a knack for navigating the humorous/seriousness of things. If I had to describe my profersonal identity, it would be a fusion of Jada Smith/Phobe Buffay-Hannigan [Friends] fictional character.

Visual Brand– I haven’t really gotten this one down yet. I know that you can capture more attention by using visual, subliminal messages. I have a hard time committing to one theme. I hope by the end of CPD23, I will accomplish a new visual brand for my online presence.

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