2011: A Year in Review

Well I am winding down the year watching one of my favorite movies, Something to Talk About with Miss Sassy pants Julia Roberts. As with every passing year, the preferred tradition is to create a short inventory list of goals or things that we hoped to accomplished. I am not big on making New Years’ resolutions because most of the time it seems that by February I am totally miserable.

2011 has been an eventful year and I would like to refer back to my post A New Year and Its Meaning(s) where I have made goals of what I hoped to accomplished. I am a firm believer that goals help keep people motivated and also serve as a good indicator on measuring long-term accomplishments.

My three goals: 1) Develop a writing voice; 2) Attend a Conference; 3) Read three books. In goal one of developing a writing voice, I have discovered that in order to become a better writer it requires consistent practice. So it looks like I will have to practice more with regular blog posts. My participation with the 23 Things for Professional Development helped me develop my writing voice. I hope to continue this in 2012 session.

I attended my first genealogy conference in 2011. Sadly, I did not write about my experience which I regret. I attended the Washington DC Family History Center conference in Kennsington, MD on October 2011. There were so many wonderful sessions. African American Genealogy, Introduction to Family Search Indexing, and Land Grants/Deeds were a couple that I attended.

Harold’s List of Genealogy Events in MD/DC/VA/DE area- Oct 2011- Feb 2012

I read several books in 2011 and I was very excited to discover New York Times Book Review. Several outstanding books that I have had the pleasure to read:

The New Graduate Experience: Post MLS Residency Programs and Early Career Librarianship

Malcom X: A Life of Reinvention By Manning Marble

Silver Sparrow By Tayari Jones

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close By Jonathan Safran Foer

In Summary, 2011 was an exciting and busy year for me. I went from having a part-time job to gaining a full-time job. I have developed new skills in cataloging and Interlibrary Loan. I am expecting 2012 to be filled with continued success and challenging projects.