Thing 3: Egosurfing

According to the Urban Dictionary, EGOSURFING is defined as the act of searching the internet [Googling] for one’s own name or for information containing it to see what what happens.  


 Photocredit: Google Image

In my opinion, I detest the ‘Googleness’ of things. For instance, if I Google my first name, it only shows my professional accomplishments such as ALA volunteer committee work, recent library internship experience, my high school accolades, and book reviews on a featured blogpost. I don’t know whether I should thank my mother for giving me a unique name or cringe because very few people share my namesake.

Are you still scratching your head about how quirky I am about sharing  my name. Here’s my issue with Google- the first thing that pops up is my LinkedIn profile. In the settings section, you can elect for your profile to be private. However, it does little good for those who are actively searching for employment. Eight of the top ten retrieved items were true about my name, but I am rather irritated about the many swarmy websites that have built themselves around data. Here’s another websites such as These websites were created around user input. Companies like take user metadata to create profile mock-ups. Again, this all boils down to comfort level. How does one navigate profession/personal life digital branding? Can a middle ground be accomplished?

Further Reading:

As I have continued reading and researching the ‘Googleness’ phenomena, I found an awesome FREE e-resource called the Social Media Pro Book. It is a small book, but very valuable. Robin Richard’s Infographics Joe Chernov’s How to Organize Internally were two sections that interests me.