2012: The Year Ahead

2012 New Year’s Day Meal

I am looking a head in 2012 as a year of continued progress and practicing optimism. I am by nature a  ‘Glass-Half-Empty’ person, but understand the value of practicing optimism in my daily life as a tool to get through life challenges. So before I get on my soapbox to start spouting my life philosophy, I have decided to focus on a small list of measurable goals for 2012.

  1. Have fun while in Library School– hahahaha (it’s possible, I’m determined!)
  2. Blog More- Focus more on library related issues and the occasional snow mishaps [lol]
  3. Incorporate book reviews in my blog— I already have a list of books 🙂
  4. Attend one genealogy/library conference- Joint Conference of Librarians of Color (already on list)
  5. Complete 3 Knit Projects- Hat, Mittens, blanket (already have the yarn)


Interesting Blogs

Deep South Dish– awesome recipes for the Southern transplant.

Joint Conference of Librarians of Color– Sept 19-23 in Kansas City, Missouri

Ravelry– Online Knit & Crochet Community


My first solo copy-cataloged book

Hello Everyone,

I have a GREAT reason for being electronically absent. I am developing my skills for cataloging and my library manager has given me the green light to start cataloging. I want to take a break to at least share a funny snapshot that I created to show my work. Hey…I may be a cataloger/metadata librarian in the making. Image

Future updates coming soon.

Welcome Aboard

In the spirit of this first posting, I would like to share a thought-provoking quote by the late President John F. Kennedy…”We should not let our fears hold us back from pursuing our hopes.”  I chose this quote because it has become my new mantra. As a current distant education LIS graduate student, there are a lot of issues one has to manage in order to complete the degree. Each semester, I make time to evaluate my skills and knowledge gained from my courses. I find that this is very important method to use in order to stay relevant to the library and information profession.

It is my hope that this blog serves as a sounding board to address the concerns [fears] that me and my peers have in the area of library and information sciences. Variegated Stacks will evaluate current literature in the area of Web 2.0 technologies, diversity initiatives, and career trends for recent graduates. My lifelong passionate for learning, technology, and research makes librarianship a logical career choice.

The idea behind the name Variegated Stacks serves as a metaphor…the idea that within every library collection, the content of each book is sprinkled with differences.